Home Pest Control – Do the Math!

Recently I decided to remodel my bathroom. Since I am in the service sector, I had enough sense to get someone in who knows how to do such a thing. Now we all know someone who politely bragged about doing something themselves, but let us be honest, if you do not know what you are doing when it comes to anything that you do, you could be spending more than you need to, and endangering yourself! exterminator near me

When it comes to pest control in your home or business, this is no exception. I really do feel bad for the do-it-yourselfers. One can spend a fortune in pest control products, not even knowing how to use the stuff, and expose every living thing within miles to hazardous chemicals.

The amount that one spends for jugs of insecticide that never gets used, doesn’t include the time it takes to apply it correctly, and regularly. Not to mention that most people still have the pest due to improper usage of the product, or infrequent usage of the product. Basically, you are wasting your money, either by misusing or not using it when you should. And did we mention the gas you used to drive to the store…I know you were going there anyway, right? Okay, well let us talk about pest control personnel.

When you see a pest control technician drive down the road, you can be assured of two things: First, in most states, he or she had better be licensed or they are in trouble. Secondly, he has better products than you can get at the hardware store. Notice, I did not say “stronger stuff”. The myth in pest control is that, “If a little works good, more will work better.” This is not true very often; fact is, today we have products that work poorly if the product is used against label recommendations. In either case, the pest control industry makes sure that we have superior products, some of which would be dangerous without proper training.

I don’t know how many folks have confessed to me over the years about misusing pesticides, but it is outstanding. I guess they figure I am the one who you tell your pest control battle stories to, since it would be perceived to be weird if you struck up a conversion with a friend about your toxic experience. But joking aside, pesticide exposure is much higher in non-professional applications, as one might expect. For this reason, I am being told that some rodenticides will be coming off of the OTC market. Surprising? Not to us in the pest control industry–we hear the horror stories.

Now before you try the phony plug-in “chase them away” electronic devices which repeatedly get shut down by the Federal Trade Commission, make sure you do some reading. These devices are not worth our time. When I enter a home that has one, I marvel that I am there in the first place. If this electronic gadget is working, why are they calling me? It amazes me even more when roaches make nests behind the devices, kind of like adding “insult to injury”.